Tyler & Bursch, brings a complete perspective on bankruptcy to assist you in any given situation. We represent both creditors and debtors, and are committed to finding creative solutions to bankruptcy issues through negotiation, litigation, or a transactional approach.

For the individual debtor facing the possibility of filing a Chapter 7, we offer a personalized consultation that will help you understand your options in order to choose your best course of action. If you are struggling with your mortgage, we can also help you assess whether or not you should pursue loan mitigation options. Should you decide that filing a Chapter 7 is the best choice for you, Tyler will provide you with individualized representation in and out of court, and help guide you through the process of obtaining financial relief.

In addition, our office represents both secured and unsecured creditors in bankruptcy actions. We will advocate on your behalf to insure that you receive the funds from the bankruptcy estate to which you are entitled. If necessary, we will also assist you in deciding whether to pursue an automatic stay of litigation. Moreover, Tyler is able to provide you assistance in negotiating and litigating avoidance actions should a bankruptcy trustee seek the return of funds paid to you prior to a bankruptcy filling.

No matter if you find yourself involved in the bankruptcy process from the debtor or the creditor’s perspective, Tyler will be able to help you assess the situation and your options to aid you in achieving the most advantageous result possible.



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