Formation and Maintenance of Non-Profit Entities

Bylaws, Policies and Corporate Governance

Land Use, Permit and Entitlement Processing

Civil Litigation

Labor and Employment

Church/State/Political Concerns

Religious Liberty Consulting and Guidance

Risk Assessment

In addition to the services Tyler & Bursch offers to our business clients, we have a large amount of experience forming, assisting, and advising many nonprofit and religious entities. Whether you are seeking to properly structure your entity for governance and financial objectives, obtain the proper state and federal tax exempt status, or simply need operating advice for day-to-day activities, Tyler can offer the wise counsel and legal advice you need to be able to accomplish your organizational mission.

We have experience representing churches, schools, and a variety of other community organizations in many capacities. Our goal is to help target our employment law, business transactions, real estate, and litigation experience to the distinctive needs in the nonprofit and religious arena.

Tyler & Bursch also has unique and specialized experience in constitutional law that can also be very beneficial to your religious organization. Whether your organization is facing tough zoning and real estate challenges, or is concerned over the proper way to affirm your core values and beliefs without facing unnecessary legal exposure, Tyler & Bursch will be able to help you understand your particular legal rights as a religious organization, and advocate on your behalf.


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