Labor & Employment

Tyler & Bursch, is committed to providing our business clients with practical advice that will help them maintain up-to-date and legally appropriate employment policies. By emphasizing preventative measures and proper planning, our goal is to help you comply with the law before a claim is filed, and create the proper employment contracts to protect your business.

If your business needs help with discrimination claims, unlawful termination, breach of employment contract, retaliation, or other such employment related claims, Tyler & Bursch will be able to provide you with the zealous representation that will best preserve your interests. We will help you explore any viable non-litigation resolutions to such matters where viable, including the possibility of mediation and/or arbitration, and provide you with the highest level of representation should the dispute end up in court.

Tyler & Bursch will help advise you regarding appropriate hiring practices, compliance with civil rights laws, procedures for handling employee complaints, and creating the proper workplace environment. Our focus on the transactional aspects of employment law will also help ensure that your business is able to put the proper employment contracts in place to best protect your business’ trade secrets and competitive edge.

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